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welded gabion box (gabion baskets, welded wire gabions)

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Gabion baskets (welded mesh gabion box)

It's also named gabions, rock gabions, welded wire gabions, welded mesh gabions, gabion boxes, gabion mattresses, gabion basket, galfan coated welded gabions, Welded mesh gabion box.

It's made from welded wire mesh panels assembled with spirals or clips and spacer. It can be used for prefilled or site construction.

Welded mesh grill size:
37.5x75mm, 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x50mm, 100x100mm

Welded mesh panels size:
500x500mm, 1000x500mm, 1000x1000mm, 1500x500mm
1500x1000mm, 2000x1500mm, 2000x1000mm  
or according to requirements.

Wire of welded mesh:
Tensile strength: 380N/mm2 - 550N/mm2
Diameter: 2.5mm-6.0mm
Finishing: heavy duty galvanized or galfan galvanized
Coating weight: 245g-350g

Lacer and spacer: standard.

Packing: Flat packed on pallet.

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